How Excessive Testosterone Supplements Can Affect Teenagers

Testosterone is one such important hormone that is responsible mostly for developing the sexual organs of the body as well as the overall body composition of all the men. The production of this hormone gets enhanced with the beginning of one’s puberty. In fact, it reaches to the maximum point in most of the men while the age is late teenage or somewhat early twenties.  Some of the studies have been done about the function of this testosterone-based products’ effect on the teens, these products are called a testosterone booster. The present research focuses on recovering those men, who have very low testosterone. Some doctors suggest caution while making use of the sports performance products, especially Nitrosurge nitric oxide boosting pre workout – such those, which improve testosterone.

Poor testosterone amount have different effects at various ages. For young boys, it refers to testes; however, for some men, who have normal level of testosterone, consuming hormone supplements may lead problems. Now, see the effects of this hormone supplements on teens.

Changing of the body composition

Increasing amount of the hormone, testosterone may lead to the alteration in the composition of the body of teens, for example, bigger muscle mass along with lower fat in the body. The researches proved considerable boost of the weight and the muscle mass. At the same time, there may be decreased amount of fat. Throughout the period of puberty, the standard teenagers may find the better height, quicker growth of muscle and development of the present fibers of muscle. The usage of various anabolic substances, for example, pro-hormones or steroids, to augment testosterone may stop bone development and lessen ultimate height permanently.


The higher levels of testosterone are likely to lead to the higher secretions of oil to a teen’s skin, and it causes blocked pores or blemishes. The acne may grow mostly on the shoulders, face or the back. The rate of the presence of acne may increase, on the basis of the amount of effective testosterone within the body.


It is generally called as the gyno, and it indicates the development of bigger than usual mammary glands. Besides, in case of the makes, the tissue of breast may also be affected. The gyno may be caused due to the ratio of estrogen and testosterone, and it can also be very hard to undo. Such kind of the disparities may occur because of the failure of usual testosterone creation that can crop up while testosterone formation is unnaturally operated.

Sexual urge

There is another side effect of the increased hormone, i.e., testosterone. This may bring about the higher level of sexual performance and desire. The research demonstrates this enhancement in both males and females. While the testosterone gets considerably increased with the use of any supplement or product, which consists of aromatase-inhibitor, the sensual activities may be significantly lessened in due course. It is important to research and select the best testosterone booster before making a purchase and risking side effects. It is for the reason that such kinds of the available supplements perform the work with the decrease of estrogen. The sensual performance or desire needs testosterone as well as estrogen.

So, take Testosterone supplements only when it is suitable for you.